Three Ways Act As A Freelance Real Estate Consultant In A Slow Market

Posted on: 15 June 2017

Most people consider real estate agents to be those who sell homes and those who help buyers find the types of homes that they want. Real estate agents typically have a fee, especially if used by a seller. In a market with less expensive homes or where the economy isn't commanding house prices as the same rate, many sellers may try to do things on their own. Here are some ways that real estate agents can help sellers in colder markets without acting directly as a real estate agent. 

Provide education on how to perform a by owner sale

Since there are owners who will try to strike out on the market on their own, you may find your tools useful as a real estate consultant for these buyers. If an area that you are licensed to sell homes in has an uptick in owner only sales, you can set up a class to educate those who are owners. These classes should offer sellers the tools to understand the current real estate market, figure out how to put together a sale, and some steps to see a sale all the way through, legally. 

Offer closing guidance

Though you may not act as a real estate agent to get the buyer for the home, you can offer your real estate consulting services to help close sales. Many sellers may not know what types of legalities must go into real estate contracts, especially if the sale includes parcels of land or extras asked for by the buyer. As a part of your services, you can charge a flat rate or have a sliding scale rate to help owners complete the contract to sell their home. Having someone sit at the table with them to figure out the closing contract in their favor is a service that even frugal buyers will want. 

Charge an hourly rate for information

Buyers who wish to list their home may have some personal, specific questions regarding their property sale. If the seller has inherited the home, they may not have been through the home buying or selling process previously. If they need to ask you questions before the property hits the market or when they are dealing with a property that has garnered no interest, they may need professional help. Instead of charging a large percentage of the sale, you may be able to charge them a small hourly rate in order to help sellers warm up their property on the market. 

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