Couple's First Small Apartment? 3 Tips To Prevent Bumping Into Each Other And Claustrophobia

Posted on: 15 July 2015

 If you and your sweety are looking for apartments for rent in your area to help you save cash for that dream home or just save money on everyday expenses, then there are many ways you can make it feel larger than it is. You don't have to let your apartment's small size lead to claustrophobia and constant bumping into each other when you follow these room-by-room tips to help you make the most out of every inch of your new living space. 

Bathroom Broadening

Tactics: Without two bathrooms or one with his-and-her sinks, you both must agree on a morning bathroom schedule that keeps the two of you from fighting over who gets to hop into the shower first. If you both work different schedules, then that doesn't pose the problem that can occur if you both leave for work in the morning at the same time. 

If you have similar morning schedules, then work out a routine when he is shaving while she is showering and she uses the bathroom mirror while he is taking a rinse-off. The easiest way to avoid fighting over the mirror above the sink is to place a small vanity elsewhere in the apartment. You both can use the vanity as a place to style your hair and perform other grooming tasks when the bathroom mirror is taken or too steamed up to see properly. Choose a vanity with drawers where you can both store toiletries and extra towels that you don't have room to store in the bathroom. 

Decor: To make a small bathroom feel larger, make sure to choose light-colored, monochromatic decor and hang extra mirrors on the wall wherever you can safely. Abundant large mirrors not only help a room appear larger, but you can both use them for grooming rituals in a pinch. 

Preventing Kitchen Claustrophobia

Tactics: In a small apartment, there can definitely be too many cooks in the kitchen, so take turns being the chef instead of working together on every meal. Or, if one of you is a better cook, agree that one partner will cook dinner every evening and one partner will clean the kitchen up after you are both finished eating. If you both have to prepare breakfast on-the-run every morning, then it can be best for you each to prepare a week's worth of your favorite breakfast items on the weekend, so you can pop them in the microwave for a minute on weekday mornings; you don't want to have to fight over kitchen space in the morning when you are both rushed and likely on-edge. 

Decor: If you each entered the relationship with your own kitchen appliances and cookware, then agree on just one of each item that you both like best and takes up the least of your precious counter space. You don't need two huge coffee machines in a small kitchen. Your refrigerator can be a great place to stick a dry-erase board that you can leave messages and shopping lists on for each other. It is best to save wall space for hanging pots and pans and not decor, but you can decorate the kitchen with a matching floor mat and decorative towel set in a bright design. 

Living with a Small Living Room

Tactics: The living room of your apartment will have to serve many functions, as you likely don't have a spare room for a dedicated office or hobby room. Agree when the room can be used for multi-tasking and what time every evening the lights will be dimmed and the room will be used to enjoy some relaxation and television together. 

Decor: While you don't want to overpower the room with too much furniture, more than one coffee table is a must when you and your partner are both using the living room to work on hobbies and work that did not get finished in the office. A laptop stand is a sleek place to keep the laptop while either of you needs to work on it, and end tables between furniture pieces give extra places to set beverages while taking up wasted space. 

You can be a little more elaborate when decorating your living room, but try to keep from adding too many decorations on tables and walls, as they will eventually lead to a cluttered feel in the room. Clutter not only makes rooms look smaller, but being around clutter can actually trigger stress in your brains that could lead to arguing over nothing at all. 

If you and your partner are moving into your first small apartment together, then follow these tips to keep from bumping into each other constantly and make your space feel and appear larger.