5 Features To Look For If You Plan To Raise Children In Your Next Apartment

Posted on: 10 July 2015

With more Canadian families wanting to stay in the core of their city while they are raising their children as opposed to moving to a house in the suburbs, it is important for rental apartments to offer family-friendly accommodations. But what are the features that will make a family comfortable in a downtown apartment? If you are considering staying in your next rental after you have children, there are five features that you need to look for. 

An Enclosed Balcony 

When your children are toddlers, they will likely want to spend more time outside than inside the home. Unfortunately, if you live in a high rise apartment, taking your little one out to play multiple times a day may not be an option. Having a balcony gives you a small external place that is both safe and private, where your child can experience being outside while you can keep an eye on them. 

Ideally, a balcony should have railings that are not spaced more than 4" apart and there should be no way for your child to climb over the balcony. However, if your balcony features wider bars or horizontal bars, it is possible to modify it by adding clear sheeting to the inside of the balcony. Your balcony should also be protected from sun, rain and snow, so your child can use it during all types of weather. 

Nearby Park or Private Playground

A balcony is not a substitute for a large outside area where your child can practice their motor skills and get daily exercise. It is important that there is a park close enough that you will feel comfortable walking to it on a daily basis, even in poor weather. Alternatively, if your apartment complex offers a private playground or internal children's gym, you will have more options for everyday play. 

A Large Bathroom 

For the first year of your child's life, you can easily bathe them in the kitchen sink or in a tub set up on the kitchen table. However, after they become more mobile, you will want to switch to bathing them in the bathtub or shower. You should look for a bathroom that you can move around easily in. Having easy access to the tub while your child is in it will make bathing a more fun, safer experience. 

First Floor Location or a Large Elevator 

When your child is young, you will most likely want to take them out in a stroller. As they get older, they will be taking toys of varying sizes in and out of your apartment. Having to deal with stairs when operating a stroller or child's tricycle can become frustrating. You should look for an apartment that is on the first floor or has an elevator. You should also consider any steps leading up to the entrance of the apartment. 

Closed Floor Plan 

While open floor plans give the illusion of more space, they also make it easier for small children to get into every area of your home. An apartment that allows you to close off certain rooms will reduce the amount of child-proofing you have to do when your child begins to crawl and walk. Before renting an apartment with an open floor plan, think about how you will divide the rooms when your child is crawling. 

One of the best features of renting is that if you need to move into a larger apartment as your family grows, you can do so easily. However, if you want to create a home for an extended period of time, think about these features as you look at local options like Wynn Residential Apartments in Toronto